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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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near catastrophe, a plane comes to crashing to the ground at vwi. pilots are nearly blinded. >> tonight, the investigation and concern this will happen again. >> on the threshold of tragedy, more than 100 people nearly lose their lives when someone trying to sabotage a plane landing at vwi. tonight weijia jiang explains the incidents that brought the
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pilots to the hospital, weijia. >> reporter: tonight the fbi is aggressively looking for the person that they say could have caused a catastrophic loss of life. 129 passengers and five crew members are on board a southwest airplane. it's making a final decent when the fbi says someone from the ground beamed a laser right into the cockpit. momentarily blinding the pilot and first officer. >> the plane is low and slow, it's probably the most critical phase of flight. >> reporter: the plane was only 2,000 feet over millersville. >> i think it's terrible. i'm in that plane and i'm a very valuable cargo to have my life jeopardized by a prank. >> reporter: the pilot and first officer land the plane and land in the officer with eye injuries. >> if you're blinded and you cannot see those instruments, it is possible that you could slow the plane too much and it
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would essentially stop flying. like it would stall. and you don't have any room to recover. >> reporter: the faa says there's been a dramatic strike in laser strikes nationwide. from 1990 to 1999 there were only 400 reported injuries. in 2009 it was more than 1,500. and in 2010 more than 1,800. here there were 31 cases last year. now passengers are scared their flight could be next. >> i can't help to think about it, i'm about to get on a plane and land. >> just stop the bad behavior, for crying out loud. what's the point. >> reporter: the fbi is offering a reward of $5,000 to help catch this laser beaming before he or she strikes again. we're live at vwi tonight, weijia jiang. >> thank you, if you know anything about this incident or any other incident you are encouraged to call police.
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>> reporter: a teenage stow away from baltimore died in the wheel well of an airplane but we will never know how it happened. hazmat crews rushed to the ethics campus for a science lab accident. the baltimore county fire department says someone was handling sulfurish acid in a lab when it spilled on them. that person was treated at the bellview health center. threading carefully, the u.s. military is cautiously deciding whether to take action against libya. they are concerned about the effect it could be in the war effort in afghanistan. two u.s. assault ships are heading into the mediterranean. they are to be used only for
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emergency evacuations and supplies. libya is building their arsenal with stockpiles of old soviet weapons. it is the first time any country has been suspended from the council since it began. a war is being waged in annapolis that could make gas prices even more. there is plans to rise gas tax. >> reporter: just as unrest in the middle east has caused prices to skyrocket. >> we've just had enough. >> what has you so fed up? >> the taxes. >> reporter: one bill would up the tax 12 more cents, the money would go to fix roads. >> how much money do you think this will raise? >> we're hoping that the bill
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would raise some where around $500 million a year. the gas tax hasn't been raised since 1992. >> reporter: and it has high profile support from baltimore's mayor and the transportation committee who has seen the gas prices rise. >> we want to say to our elected officials stop robbing the transportation trust fund to balance your budget. >> we can no longer afford to do this without scratching our breaking. >> reporter: maryland's gas tax is the same as dc, more than virginia but less than neighboring west virginia and pennsylvania. the proposed increases would make our state tax the highest in the region which is why its generated so much outrage. >> reporter: you want to send a message to lawmakers? >> i'm tired of paying on everything else. >> we have to do something about the problem. >> reporter: if passed, this tax would take effect in july,
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supporters want it dedicated solely to transportation. at the state house in annapolis, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. marylanders are feeling the squeeze even before any new gas tax comes to play. the average price is $3.32 now up a quarter from last month. a critical vote on same-sex marriage is delayed by lawmakers to gain support for their own agendas. the house judiciary committee did not vote as planned today because two delicates didn't show. one of them, delicate carter said she skipped the vote because she wants funding restored for baltimore city schools. a vote could happen tomorrow. a man is charged with first degree murder after he admits he stabbed and killed his grandfather. wilson's body was found in his house in the 2800 block of
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cliffton avenue. a john hopkins university student is was killed by a drunk driver. engineering students designed a street over charles street. they presented the plan to the civic association tonight. the majority of hopkins students feel unsafe crossing charles street. and a foot bridge could prevent deaths. >> the entire student body was deeply affected by maryland's death. i think that raised awareness of pedestrian safety. >> reporter: the man was convicted and received 15 years behind bars. metro released this video of an escalator speeding out of control knocking people to the ground. this week alone, two more escalators have broken down. one more smoke caused by heavy
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rain, another for a handrail that suddenly broke off. consultants blame the metro's poor maintenance. today, the star spangled banner left baltimore for the first time in nearly 200 years. wjz is live in annapolis, kai jackson explains why the important document was moved, kai -- >> reporter: the star spangled banner was written nearly two centuries ago, yet a rare move proves history is alive and well. the sky high chopper 13 is high above as the original
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manuscript arises from above. >> it's so we can pass it on to others. carol county native francis scott key wrote the star spangled banner in 1814 while being held captive by the british as they bombed fort mchenry. the flag and mchenry survived inspiring mchenry with the song. they didn't know this national document was housed locally. >> i'm a product of the maryland school system, the howard county school system and i had no idea we housed this at the maryland society. >> reporter: the original doesn't happen every day, so this is a big deal. and it meant a lot to those here to be able to lay their eyes on history. >> they asked us to come down to annapolis to escort the star spangled banner into the state
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house. >> ♪ for the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> reporter: so this orangal manuscript of the star spangled banner was escorted. >> i was waiting on your rendition of the star spangled banner. i'll have to wait for a while. >> i'll give that to you next year. >> 2014 will be the bicentennial of the star spangled banner. and a new battle between charlie sheen and cbs. >> i don't feel like they have a right to interfere in my personal life. i don't do it in theirs. >> reporter: the network's ceo fires back at the star of the tv's number one comedy. and ice scream made of breast milk, would you eat it?
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it is 30 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. powerful storms leave a wide path of death and destruction through the southwest. one woman was killed in ohio when her car was stuck in flood waters. a 40-foot sink hole opened. no one was killed in that incident. >> this is the scene in san bruno as the fired burned for hours killing six people. they could have remotely shut off or controlled the flow of gas during the disaster. it took 90 minutes for all the valves to be closed. cbs chief executive talks
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about charlie sheen. >> going down the road i honestly and i'm not going to comment a lot on it, i don't know what's going to happen. i mean he's on the air quite a bit these days. i wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an emmy. >> sheen started a twitter account. his first postwas a picture of him and a porn star holding a chocolate milk and juice drink. aleck rose was taken into custody a year ago. he is charged with being a spaoáeu spy and is set to go on trial this week. thermal images, once strictly military. but now is being used by police and firefighters to save lives.
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mary bubala takes us into the sky with for a rescue. >> reporter: the search to find holcomb to suffer from dementia intensifies. it's now 8:00 p.m. >> you were getting very concerned and you were nervous for his safety and maybe even his survival. >> you just have three hours when it's that cold if someone is not well-dressed. >> reporter: louise calls police, canines and dozens of officers search the woods. but the terrain is too difficult to maneuver on foot. >> that's when anne arundel county aviation launched an activated it's thermal imagining. >> he wandered into the back of the house. >> reporter: with sergeant mac at the controls of the chopper and captain townsend, the two scan the thick woods. 45 minutes into the flight they
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get a hit. >> i saw him stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. thermal energy shows heat of people clearly standing out in deep trees. >> you we see the human versus the cold background. >> reporter: firefighters use thermal imagining to see through smoke allowing them to find people trapped. police department use it daily telling us it is critical to their mission to save lives. >> there's the suspect and we're getting them now. >> they can search on camera a much wider area than they could on foot. and we do it with the latest technology. >> reporter: and police recently used it trying to find
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felicia barnes in challenging terrain like that involved in this case. >> they said we found a heat source. it was in a steep ravine but my day could not get out of it. >> reporter: but your dad is alive. >> that's right, my dad is alive. >> reporter: and she is so thankful for the technology. >> it didn't matter if it was dark, it didn't matter if he was under a cover. it didn't matter. >> and louis says from now on she plans ongoing with her dad when he goes off for a walk in the woods. a controversy in great britain. the company the using human breast milk to create its own ice cream. the health department came in and banned the flavor.
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human breast milk was used to make the ice cream named lady gaga. and mark just started playing for his fourth grade team. but that didn't stop from him making this shot from half court. he says his coach screamed to throw it in and he did. >> let's hope he can do that once more in his career. >> let's hope they win too. >> that's pretty amazing. pretty hard to do too. let's face it. let's take a look at temps and conditions. it's chilly, clear but dead calm out there. humidity 68%, still pretty dry out there. around the region, 30 here, 30 in oakland, 37 in washington, 31 ocean city. we're in the local areas upper 20s to lower 30s. it's going to be a cold night tonight but there's no wind to deal with. tomorrow the winds are going to
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pick up just a bit. right now dead calm most places as you can see. not a big factor. tomorrow warmer air is going to come in briefly during the day, during the afternoon. a frontal system you can see it right through here, from southern james bay through northern minnesota into the dakotas. behind that another chunk of cold air. behind it some hot air. temperatures may get up to 60 briefly. a little bit of a breeze as the front approaches, then it turns sharply cooler tomorrow night. on thursday social it's going to be a cooler day on thursday. temperatures up and down all week long. once that passes we're actually going to get more warm air for the middle of the week. colder tomorrow night and thursday. by friday milder air and starting to come back to the region. looks like some showers in the region by saturday night or sunday. gusty winds tomorrow, it'll be out of the southwest to the
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west. bay temp around 42 degrees. tomorrow cool and chilly. 36 to about 32 in the city. tomorrow, sunshine and a bit of cloud cover through the day. breezy and pretty mild. 59degrees and then dropping to 40 on thursday. 26 at night, 48 friday. mid- to upper 50s for the weekend maybe some showers here. pretty good chance here by sunday afternoon. denise. >> thank you, bob. coming up a development in the nfl labor talks. >> and the orioles come through with another big day in spring training. mark has it all coming up next in sports. ,,,,,, my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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mark is here with the sports report. >> it's the deadline for the nfl lock out.
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and the owners owners asked not to pay the networks in case of a lock out. but a judge does not approve the deal. morris smith is the union leader. all parties are aware that you if customer just want them to come to an agreement. >> we understand our responsibility. we're trying, if we don't get it done we know we'll have let them down and we take that very seriously. >> reporter: the future stars of the nfl wrapping up their week of work outs at the nfl combine. ravens director eric decosta will join me on my radio show on 105.7 the fan tomorrow. for more on that collective
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bargaining debate. in our masn on wjz orioles report, a ribbon cutting followed by fireworks provided by orioles batters. nick markakis will connect with one of his two home runs of the game. adam jones sends this one to the new seats in left field. guerrero and jake fox also hit home runs, o's starting pitcher jeremy guthrie retired. high school basketball, john terrell to beat san francis to beat the baltimore catholic league. this is john carols first year in the conference. now with the new york knicks. the magic big man scored 30,
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pulled down 16 rebounds. 116-110 orlando, carmelo did score 25 but in losing cause. can't win them all. in fact, they have lost more than you would expect this year. a big day for pigs. >> why one lucky porker won't become bacon, coming up. ,,,,,,
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elvis fans can't help falling in love. two of those focus on those early years, the 55th anniversary of his debut. it takes a look at elvis's impact on the media. >> well, in case you wonder
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